Remise en forme

Getting back into shape

Remise en forme Genève

Getting back into shape Genève

Would you like to start sport and exercising again?
Do you wish to regain control over your body?
Why not asking for a professional’s help?

Sedentary lifestyle is one of today’s curses. It causes various ill health and pains (lumbago, hypertension, overweight…). To reverse this situation, it is important and essential to regularly physically exercise. Moving is the universal remedy to a great shape.

If you are reading those lines, you probably are already convinced.

Therefore, why not mandate a professional to guide and accompany you?

At your home or within a fitness club, I will help you to get back into shape, through targeted and efficient exercises, tailored to your level. Quickly, you will feel the benefit while being energized and enjoy daily a well function body with no pains.
It is time for you to say STOP to daily pain or ill health and get to grips with your shape onwards.