Perte de poids

Weight Loss

Perte de poids Genève

Lose weight sustainably

As professional trainer and coach, my aim is to assist you with your physical transformation.

Therefore, I will provide you with a complete assistance through my combined experience of sportive coaching and nutrition.

At your home or within a fitness club, I will help you eat what is right for your needs and objectives, as well as focus on most efficient exercises to obtain the shape you are looking for and slim over time.

My method is simple: it is essentially based on nutrition and exercising. Those two elements cannot be separated should you wish to obtain visible and long lasting results. I am against miracle promises and slimming pills. My approach is 100% natural and balanced.

Who should use my services?

My combined coaching method is exactly what you need if you are looking for a method that will erase overweight and take you away from dieting.